At Burton Green we are passionate about creativity, our Art and Design curriculum intends to support our pupils to learn, develop and practice skills in drawing, painting and mixed media, sculpture and 3D and Craft and design. We cover the aims of the National Curriculum whilst ensuring that our pupils are inspired and challenged. We provide opportunities for imagination through art production that is reflective of their own tastes.


An integral part of our Art Curriculum is the study of a range of artists and their work. We ensure that we use artistic sources for real learning, engaging deeply with works of art and the methods and techniques observed. Analysis and discussion around works of art support development of important critical thinking and verbal skills and connect to wider cross curricular contexts such as historical and geographical. Our Art and Design lessons involve learning of technical vocabulary as well as learning skills and techniques. Our Early years pupils have open access to a range of materials
with which to explore, make and create. From Key Stage One children use sketchbooks to explore ideas and techniques in an open-ended way, exploring mark-making using a range of tools, surfaces and media. In Key Stage Two pupils begin to combine media, use a broader range of stimulus and push boundaries whilst developing their skills of evaluation and analysis.

Our termly art days allow our pupils to use the formal skills learnt in lessons and apply them to pieces of work that support freedom, originality and innovation.


We believe that our Art and Design curriculum develops and supports self-expression and empathy, providing opportunities to engage with and develop understanding about the world in which we live developing self-discipline, self-confidence, and resilience.

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We wanted you all to see our Andy Goldsworthy inspired art! We had so much fun creating with natural materials! @GoldsworthyAndy #BGForestSchool #BGArt

... Today! When we could peel our creations and reveal the art we had created! It was worth the wait #BGArt

Flashback ten days ago, we went to Forest School after learning about Andy Goldsworthy in art. We collected natural resources, then brought them back to our classroom, arranged them and coated them in glue. We waited for what felt like forever until... #BGArt #BGForestSchool

Spring has sprung in Hedgehogs and we are so inspired by the beautiful tulips in our art. This week we focused on simple line drawings using pen, next week we are going to finish our work with watercolours 💐 #BGArt #BGEY

We made junk models of our favourite animals from different stories. 'The Hospital Dog' was very popular! #BGArt #BGExtra

What a great start to our Art topic today:finding out about sculptures and features of them. We then had a go at making our own free standing 3D sculptures made from 2D shapes. The hardest part was attaching each part without using glue or tape! #BGArt

We also looked at art work showing connections and discussed our thoughts. Then we made our own pieces inspired by Keith Haring #BGArt

As part of Art Day, we produced portraits of Rosa Parks to go with our independent writing. The children worked really hard on their sketches then used different mediums to colour #BGArt

In assembly we learned about Rosa Parks and why she is such an important historical figure. Miss Harris was amazed that every child could tell her about the bus and how Rosa Parks wanted everyone to be treated equally. We’ve drawn her portrait to remember her #BGArt #BGHistory 🦔

For Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week we read the story ‘The Invisible String’ and discussed the people we love and how our love connects us. For our Art Day we used wool and string to represent the invisible string that tie us to our special people ❤️ #BGArt #BGPSCHE 🦔

We enjoyed an Art Day during Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week. We created pictures of the people we are connected to even when we are apart. We read the story The Invisible String to help us. #BGArt #BGEYFS

We had a jam packed Art Day today linked to children’s mental health week. We critiqued some artwork, looked for how the pictures depicted a ‘connection’ then created our own piece in the style of Keith Haring #BGArt

We had a brilliant Art Day today! We had a theme of ‘Let’s Connect,’ linked to Mental Health Week. We looked at how connections are portrayed through art and based our artwork off the artist Keith Haring. #BGArt

Our history topic ‘Britain at War’ has been really interesting and we have learnt a lot. We learnt about key events, including the Blitz. We created some artwork themed on the Blitz and are happy with how they turned out! #BGArt #BGHistory

We have been learning all about Rosa Parks in school and how inspirational she is and helped to change history for the better. We created some lovely portraits of her, here are a few! #BGArt #BGHistory #BGExtra

In Art this week, we continued our work on still life drawings. This week we used water colours to try and create perspective through tints and shades. We were really pleased with how they turned out! #BGArt

Continuing our learning on ancient Egyptian artwork, we began to create a personal design using some symbols we practiced drawing last week. These are going to look great on our own papyrus paper. Watch this space! #BGArt

Lots of traditional tale themed art going on this week! Can you guess the story? 🐷🐺🏠 #BGArt #BGEY

Today Fox Cubs began exploring the art work of Piet Mondrian. We looked at straight lines, enclosed spaces and bold colours. #BGArt #BGEYFS

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