Early Enrichment

Our Aims:

We aim to provide a rich, engaging, creative, play based, fun and stimulating curriculum for our children which is full of additional experiences to support their educational development and to encourage the learning of life skills.

Early Years Curriculum:

The Early Years is a priority at Burton Green Primary School and we aim to ensure that all children receive an enriched education through enhanced opportunities. At Burton Green Primary School, we want all of our children to be provided with experiences to develop crucial life skills.

Visitors and Trips:

We believe that children learn best through first hand experiences and aim to provide the children of Burton Green with opportunities for trips and visitors to stimulate their interests and bring learning to life for them.

Forest School:

Forest School is a fantastic way of ensuring that children are given the opportunity to explore the world around them. The children can embrace nature, learn about different creatures and wildlife and develop their problem solving skills.


Baking provides multiple opportunities for learning in Early Years, through health and self-care, measuring, exploring textures and developing senses, as well as turn taking and sharing.

Parental Involvement:

Ensuring that parents feel like a part of our school is very important to us and in Early Years we aim to encourage involve our parents in as much of their child’s learning as we can, through book breakfasts, stay and play sessions and observing lessons.

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