Extra Curricular Activities

We’re so proud of all the incredible achievements our children make every day in school but it’s also important to recognise and celebrate the amazing activities and accomplishments our children make outside the school curriculum.  

Check out our amazing Extra Curricular activities!

A very special day in Hares today as we had our first Gold! Fully deserved for an absolute superstar! #BGExtra

We had the most special afternoon with @dandelionarts1 yesterday! We got to watch them perform a story and we were all mesmerised. Then, we got to create our own story plant pots to take home. It was such a magical afternoon! We were still talking about it today! ⭐️☺️ #BGExtra

Today was our first Hedgehogs 🦔 and Squirrels 🐿 singing and dancing club! We had so much fun showing off our dance moves and making up our own routines! We also decided that we should have ice pops next week as part of our cool down! #BGExtra @BG_Squirrels

We had our last session of dance club this week, we’ve had so much fun learning how to choreograph and work as a team! Well done guys 🤩 @BG_Owls @BG_Foxes #BGExtra #BGSport

What a fantastic morning we had yesterday with @BG_Hares and @dandelionarts1 watching and listening to a fantastic story and then creating our own story plant pots to take home. Thank you, we loved it 😊 #BGExtra

Although some of us were initially apprehensive about starting dance, we've been having the best time! #BGSport #BGExtra

To celebrate #WorldMusicDay @BG_Owls listened to The A Bao A Qu by Mason Bates. They discussed what the music made them think of and feel, then drew pictures in response to the music. To finish, they composed their own motifs to represent their drawings #BGMusic #BGExtra

We also had a go at playing part of the symphony on the glockenspiels. Two brave Hares performed in front of the whole school. #BGMusic #BGExtra @BG_Hares

At the end of the day we had a whole school assembly to share what we had learnt about our composer, Beethoven. We showed some of our paintings and we talked about why we chose the colours and patterns. #BGMusic #BGExtra @BG_Hares

We really enjoyed listening to Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5 and we used our art skill of mixing paint to represent the music. #BGMusic #BGExtra #BgArt #WorldMusicDay @BG_Hares

For World Music Day we learnt about the famous composer, Beethoven. We found out some interesting facts about him and listened to his Symphony Number 5. We used watercolours to express our connection to the music. #BGMusic #BGExtra #BgArt #WorldMusicDay @BG_Hares

Hedgehogs had the best day ever! Thank you very much for organising #FitnessFunday @MrHolmesBG #BGSport #BGExtra 🦔

There was so much joy on everyone’s faces on the inflatables! This was the most amazing day @MrHolmesBG #BGSport #BGExtra 🦔

The inflatables were so fun!! We LOVED the obstacle course! We did get very soggy though thanks to @MrHolmesBG! #BGSport #BGExtra 🦔

Best #FitnessFunday ever! We started off with dodgeball and chicken run and had so much fun! #BGSport #BGExtra 🦔

Thank you @MrHolmesBG for organising a brilliant Fitness Fun Day. We loved all the activities but dodgeball is our favourite. @BG_Hares #BGSport #BGExtra

Nurse Emma came to play and tell us all about being a nurse today. We loved using stethoscopes and learning to put bandages on properly, and we made sure she felt welcomed to @BurtonG_Primary by offering her a coffee first! 👩‍⚕️👨‍⚕️🦔 #BGExtra

Today nurse Emma came to tell us all about being a nurse, ways to look after ourselves and stay safe and played being nurses with us. @Tiny_Toadstools #BGEYFS #BGExtra

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