Forest School

Our Aims:
At Burton Green, we are proud to provide all children, from Nursery to Year Six, the opportunity to investigate and discover the outdoors whilst nurturing meaningful experiences for wellbeing with a life-long impact.

Forest School encourages and develops a wide range of skills, attitudes and competencies. Through weekly outdoor learning sessions our aim is to ensure our children develop a genuine love of nature and the outdoors. Our pupils readily talk about the overwhelmingly positive impact Forest School has on their sense of wellbeing with teachers reporting the positive impact these learning sessions can have on pupil’s concentration and motivation in other curriculum areas.

With guidance and support from the Nature Friendly Schools program, run through Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, we have developed our school grounds to promote outdoor learning and staff have had training in green woodworking and campfire skills.

In Early Years:
Forest School sessions enable pupils to engage with nature through a blend of free exploration and guided activities that build knowledge and skills. Through these outdoor sessions children learn important lessons about safety and risk taking, species identification and an introduction to basic shelter building and gardening skills. Children also learn to distinguish between the features of creatures at a young age.

Key Stage One:
As children enter Key Stage One, they will build upon the previously learnt knowledge and skills and will have opportunities to independently create and construct. They also have opportunities to investigate and identify wildlife in the school grounds whilst observing seasonal changes and developing their vocabulary around nature. Our thriving pond and willow bird hyde provide our children with first hand opportunities to identify and learn about nature and species identification.

Key Stage Two:
At Key Stage Two our children continue to build upon their knowledge and skills whilst learning outdoors. They will develop their skills when building shelters and be able to assess effectiveness of structures, identify a wider range of species and create habitats to support eco systems. Children will begin to experience firepit sessions where they create and attend to a fire safely and take part in fireside cooking activities.

Check out our amazing Forest School activities!

In Forest School we decorated and wrote our own shape poems on autumn leaves, inspired by the autumn colours! #BGForestSchool #BGWriting

Feeling the sun on our faces but a chill on the breeze as we looked for signs of autumn this morning in preparation for our next writing unit. There were so many ripe apples on the trees in our forest school #BGwriting #BGforestschool

Fox Cubs have been very industrious this afternoon, exploring the outdoors at Forest School, looking at and creating our own maps and talking about our own journeys to and from school. 🦊 #BGEYFS #BGGeography #BGForestSchool

In maths this week we’re exploring repeating patterns, look at the patterns we made at Forest School today! #BGForestSchool #BGMaths

We took our sketch books down to Forest School this week and enjoyed sketching what we could see around us! 🦊🍃 #BGForestSchool #BGArt

Happy little foragers at Forest School today. Apples and pears collected and ready for snack times this week!#BGForestSchool #BGEYFS

We had a great end to the week with Forest Schools and reading buddies. It was great to explore outside and to share stories with our friends in other classes again @BG_Foxes @BG_Owls #BGForestSchool #BGReading

We LOVED being back in #BGForestSchool with our friends! We picked apples for playtime tomorrow, balanced, built and played with each other!

We had a wonderful time at Forest School this afternoon picking apples and pears and exploring the changes that have taken place in our nature area over the summer 🍃🍂 #BGForestSchool

We had such a treat yesterday, being joined by @BG_FoxCubs in Forest School! We love our school community 💚 #BGForestSchool

Aren't our hedgehogs fantastic!
At Forest School we found out about hedgehogs, what they eat where they live and how we can help them by putting a a bowl of water outside for them to drink. #BGForestSchool

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