Forest School

Our Aims:
At Burton Green, we are proud to provide all children, from Nursery to Year Six, the opportunity to investigate and discover the outdoors whilst nurturing meaningful experiences for wellbeing with a life-long impact.

Forest School encourages and develops a wide range of skills, attitudes and competencies. Through weekly outdoor learning sessions our aim is to ensure our children develop a genuine love of nature and the outdoors. Our pupils readily talk about the overwhelmingly positive impact Forest School has on their sense of wellbeing with teachers reporting the positive impact these learning sessions can have on pupil’s concentration and motivation in other curriculum areas.

With guidance and support from the Nature Friendly Schools program, run through Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, we have developed our school grounds to promote outdoor learning and staff have had training in green woodworking and campfire skills.

In Early Years:
Forest School sessions enable pupils to engage with nature through a blend of free exploration and guided activities that build knowledge and skills. Through these outdoor sessions children learn important lessons about safety and risk taking, species identification and an introduction to basic shelter building and gardening skills. Children also learn to distinguish between the features of creatures at a young age.

Key Stage One:
As children enter Key Stage One, they will build upon the previously learnt knowledge and skills and will have opportunities to independently create and construct. They also have opportunities to investigate and identify wildlife in the school grounds whilst observing seasonal changes and developing their vocabulary around nature. Our thriving pond and willow bird hyde provide our children with first hand opportunities to identify and learn about nature and species identification.

Key Stage Two:
At Key Stage Two our children continue to build upon their knowledge and skills whilst learning outdoors. They will develop their skills when building shelters and be able to assess effectiveness of structures, identify a wider range of species and create habitats to support eco systems. Children will begin to experience firepit sessions where they create and attend to a fire safely and take part in fireside cooking activities.

Check out our amazing Forest School activities!

Aren't our hedgehogs fantastic!
At Forest School we found out about hedgehogs, what they eat where they live and how we can help them by putting a a bowl of water outside for them to drink. #BGForestSchool

What a beautiful day to spend the afternoon den building in Forest School! We showed amazing teamwork and resilience 🌟 #BGForestSchool

We had such a magical time this afternoon in our favourite place with @BG_FoxCubs 🦊 we made dens, learned how to tie knots, found apples and pears on our trees and enjoyed the new swing that had been left by another class 😍 🌳 #BGForestSchool

Gorgeous afternoon at Forest School yesterday building houses for our fairy friends. Amazing creativity, teamwork and resilience 🌟 #BGForestSchool

We spent a wonderful afternoon at Forest School with our @BG_FoxCubs friends. Whittling, den building, knot tying and exploring in our magical nature area #BGForestSchool #BGEYFS πŸŒ³πŸ¦”

Fox Cubs have had a fabulous morning at Forest School, searching for minibeasts, finding sticks, singing songs and having a well deserved snack. #BGEYFS #BGForestSchool

Today in Forest Schools we tried to spot some birds and identify them. We huddled together behind the bird hide and waited patiently for the birds to appear. #BGForestSchool @BG_Hares

We ended the day with our Forest School session. Today was very exciting as we made a fire and roasted marshmallows! We made sure to be very careful round the fire, the marshmallows were delicious! πŸ˜‹πŸ”₯πŸ¦‰ #BGForestSchool

It was a glorious afternoon for forest schools today! We went pond dipping and found loads of newts, then built freestanding towers in teams. Miss Cole couldn’t even reach the top of the tallest one! #BGForestSchool πŸ’š

Superstar whittlers in action! #BGForestSchool πŸ¦”

At Forest School we used peelers to whittle our sticks. Next week we’re going to use our sticks to toast marshmallows on the fire! We talked a lot about safety and the safe way to sit while whittling, we made Miss Harris so proud! #BGForestSchool #BGEYFS πŸ¦”

Tiny toadstools had a lovely morning at forest school doing a minibeast hunt. They were so enthusiastic about finding different bugs and showed great perseverance. We then created our own blossom tree from blossom we found on the floor. #BGEYFS #BGforestschool

We had the best day at Gilling Castle yesterday. We took part in so many fun workshops and learnt so much! It was such a magical day. πŸŒ³β˜€οΈπŸΎ #BGExtra #BGForestSchool

Finally, we got crafty with Anna and learnt about the life cycle of a dragonfly, then made our own from pipe cleaners and wooden pegs. β€˜Best trip ever!’ We love outdoor learning πŸ’šπŸŒ³ #BGForestSchool

Next, we met John and his amazing working Labrador Anna! She knew how to understand commands just from body language. John also had a ferret which he said was great at working underground πŸ• ❀️ #BGForestSchool

We met Poppy from @NFUtweets who talked all about how we can be more environmentally friendly and choose British foods rather than importing things from overseas #BGForestSchool

Then we went and made clay creatures, thinking all about how every living thing has a really important job on our planet 🌍 #BGForestSchool

We had an incredible time today at the beautiful Gilling Castle! First up… lighting fires πŸ”₯ #BGForestSchool

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