Our 2 Year Olds

Our Aims:

Our aim is to provide a wide and rich experience for the children so that they can explore and develop a range of skills in their readiness for school. We encourage the children to use their se

nses to experience the world around them and provide them with the opportunity to expand their understanding of who they are as individuals.


More than just role play, the acting out of stories helps to foster children’s self confidence and develop story telling skills.


Children are encouraged to explore change through a variety of ways such as art, cooking and IT experiences. This builds the foundation for investigation.


We encourage children to participate in understanding British values and explore cultural diversity.  Learning about themselves and others is a vital skill.


Early physical skills boost confidence to share and work together. These skills foster teamwork which is a vital skill for children to develop.

Heuristic Play:

This type of play stimulates the senses and creates a rich learning experience.  It allows the children to use imagination and build their speech skills.