At Burton Green Primary School, we believe that Science teaches an understanding of natural phenomena, allowing children to be curious and to discover. We encourage children to ask ‘How?’ and ‘Why?’ and develop a lively interest in the subject. 

In Early Years, our naturally inquisitive students will learn through indoor and outdoor provision, as well as time in Forest Schools. They will make observations, read stories, ask questions and experiment, talking about things that they have found. 

In Key Stage One, children will build on their knowledge, learning about plants, animals, materials, habitats and the weather. Science is explored in a hands-on way, making learning memorable and fun for all learners. Children will develop scientific enquiry skills and complete investigations- choosing to use appropriate equipment and comparing variables. 

In Key Stage Two, children further their knowledge and skills, exploring chemistry, biology and physics in new and exciting ways. Children are introduced to forces, electricity, light, sound and evolution, discovering how and why things work and become more independent in their investigation. Children design their own enquiry, talk about dependent and independent variables and decide on the optimum ways to display their results. 

We strive for science to be practically taught and loved by all children and staff at our school, building children’s awareness of the world and the way things work. The curriculum is progressive and each year, every child is given the opportunity to build on their prior knowledge and have the skills they need to find success. Scientific enquiry skills are taught in every lesson to allow pupils to master each skill then showcase them independently.

Our school works with STEM ambassadors around the UK to introduce our children to real life scientists and give them an understanding of science in careers. We firmly believe that STEM is for everyone, regardless of gender, ethnicity or social-economic background. We celebrate ‘Science Week’ and love to have visitors to talk about Science! 

To find out about the Primary National Curriculum for Science, please click here

Check out our amazing Science activities!

In Science today we learnt about the famous botanist Jane Colden. We were then inspired to find plants in our local environment and sketch accurate drawings to catalogue them #BGScience

This week the Tiny Toadstools have been learning about boats. We have enjoyed looking at the different shapes and sizes, we then extended this further to use our own materials to create a boat! We have also explored how different objects sink and float! #BGEYFS #BGScience #BGArt

In Science this week we were looking at how successful different insulators were in keeping water warm! We predicted our results, thought about what we needed to do to make it a fair test and recorded our results into a table! #BGScience 🦉

We’re learning about ocean habitats and were very worried when we saw our small world sea creatures were being trapped under plastic rubbish! We remembered our learning about recycling and tried to fish out the waste to protect the sea creatures #BGScience #BGGeography 🐟🐬🐙🐳🪸

We made our own traffic lights today using series and parallel circuits, developing our enquiry skills #BGscience

What a busy few weeks we've had in Foxes! Our DT project has been making fairground rides! #BGDT #BGscience

Whilst learning about the ocean this week, Fox Cubs decided to make their own. They wanted a ‘shore’ with shells on it and ‘waves’. There was a lot of discussion about which animals live in the deep water of the ocean and which live on the shore. 🦀 #BGEYFS #BGScience

This week Fox Cubs have learnt lots of knowledge about 🐌 snails. We thought of so many great questions to find the answers to. #BGScience #BGEYFS

Our caterpillars are getting ready to make their cocoons! 🐛🦋🦔 #BGScience @Tiny_Toadstools @BG_FoxCubs

We’re very excited to welcome some new minibeasts to our classroom! We can’t wait to see these caterpillars grow and transform into butterflies over the next few weeks! 🐛🦋 #BGScience #BGExtra #BGEYFS

We practised moving like different minibeasts in our PE today! Wriggling like worms, crawling like spiders, and slithering like slugs! We tried so hard to keep our cone shells on our back as we slithered! 🐌🕷🪱 #BGPE #BGScience

On rainy days we become explorers and find as many slugs and snails as we can! We wondered why they are always out when it’s rainy and what the differences between snails and slugs are 🐌 #BGEYFS #BGScience

For our biology topic on plants we have started growing our own beans. We have been keeping an eye on their progress and some of them are starting to poke through the soil. We are recording their growth by measuring them every week. @BG_Hares #BGScience

Today has been all about bubbles! We made our own bubble wands for the water tray and experimented with how much bubble mixture we needed. After that we had great fun making and using bubble paint. #BGEYFS #BGScience

In Science today we started our investigation into germination. We discussed what plants need to grow, then decided to grow cress in different conditions and made predictions as to what will happen. We can’t wait to see the results! @BG_Squirrels #BGScience

Fox Cubs had many ideas on how to free the dinosaurs from the ice. The children held the ice and watched it melt but they especially enjoyed using tools to crack the ice. #BGScience #BGEYFS

We’ve been exploring caterpillars and butterflies and are learning all about their life cycle! Ask us all about ‘cocoons’ and ‘metamorphosis’, we’re experts! 🐛➡️🦋 #BGScience

Fox Cubs have been exploring the features of minibeasts whilst using them to print with in salt dough. #BGEYFS #BGScience

Finally we tried out different jobs and the engineering behind each one. @BG_Squirrels #BGScience #BGExtra

We then had a workshop about space and how astronauts live on the ISS. We tried out different experiments and practised our space walk! @BG_Squirrels #BGScience #BGExtra

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