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This week the Tiny Toadstools have been learning about boats. We have enjoyed looking at the different shapes and sizes, we then extended this further to use our own materials to create a boat! We have also explored how different objects sink and float! #BGEYFS #BGScience #BGArt

We really enjoyed listening to Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5 and we used our art skill of mixing paint to represent the music. #BGMusic #BGExtra #BgArt #WorldMusicDay @BG_Hares

For World Music Day we learnt about the famous composer, Beethoven. We found out some interesting facts about him and listened to his Symphony Number 5. We used watercolours to express our connection to the music. #BGMusic #BGExtra #BgArt #WorldMusicDay @BG_Hares

We finished the week with art making sculptures of snails. First we used different resources to create the texture and shading we saw on a shell. Then we used tools to etch a design into clay. @BG_Squirrels #BGArt

Today in art we were having a look at mark making using charcoal and matching shapes to different vocabulary. Some amazing results! #BGArt

We have been celebrating the Queen’s jubilee this week and spent our art day sketching portraits of her when she was young and nowadays. Some amazing attention to detail! #BGArt #PlatinumJubilee

We had a brilliant Art Day yesterday! We focused on our sketching skills and sketched some fantastic pieces of work. We loved that the whole day was based around the Jubilee! #BGArt 🎨

This afternoon we zoomed Jonathan, a conversation architect as part of our history topic of York's Buildings and our art topic of Architecture. He taught us all about what an architect does and showed us some drawings, elevations and work that he's done. #BGHistory #BGArt

We challenged ourselves to try to make different shades of blue by using more or less water and mixing white or black with the blue. Then we recorded the shades in our sketch books. #BGArt @BG_Hares

In Art we looked at some paintings by a selection of artists and we found they used different shades of blue to paint the sky and sea. We used watercolour paints to mix different shades to match the colours in the paintings. #BGArt @BG_Hares

In art we have been learning about landscapes. This week looked at a seascape by Vincent Van Gogh. We used different materials to represent the textures in the picture. @BG_Hares #BGArt

Today in Art we started our new topic of 'Architecture' with some observational drawings of our own houses. Miss C's brother, Jonathan a conservation architect, sent us some of his drawings to help us develop our style before a Zoom masterclass next week! #BGArt

In todays art lesson, we started making our sock puppets! We had so much fun making them. 🎨 #BGArt

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