At Burton Green we are passionate about creativity, our Art and Design curriculum intends to support our pupils to learn, develop and practice skills in drawing, painting and mixed media, sculpture and 3D and Craft and design. We cover the aims of the National Curriculum whilst ensuring that our pupils are inspired and challenged. We provide opportunities for imagination through art production that is reflective of their own tastes.


An integral part of our Art Curriculum is the study of a range of artists and their work. We ensure that we use artistic sources for real learning, engaging deeply with works of art and the methods and techniques observed. Analysis and discussion around works of art support development of important critical thinking and verbal skills and connect to wider cross curricular contexts such as historical and geographical. Our Art and Design lessons involve learning of technical vocabulary as well as learning skills and techniques. Our Early years pupils have open access to a range of materials with which to explore, make and create.

From Key Stage One children use sketchbooks to explore ideas and techniques in an open-ended way, exploring mark-making using a range of tools, surfaces and media. In Key Stage Two pupils begin to combine media, use a broader range of stimulus and push boundaries whilst developing their skills of evaluation and analysis.

Our termly art days allow our pupils to use the formal skills learnt in lessons and apply them to pieces of work that support freedom, originality and innovation.


We believe that our Art and Design curriculum develops and supports self-expression and empathy, providing opportunities to engage with and develop understanding about the world in which we live, developing self-discipline, self-confidence, and resilience. Plentiful opportunities for discussion and art criticism supports our children’s developing oracy skills. Our intent is for our students to develop their proficiency in the language of their Art and Design curriculum experience, so they can verbalise their shaping thoughts, reflections and understanding. This in turn supports our pupils self-esteem and self-reflection.

Visits and Visitors 

First hand experience of art and artists, designers, makers and craftspeople is an important part of our Art and Design curriculum.
We work hard to make art accessible and find and develop local links within our local community.
Our children have opportunities to meet and work with local artists, and  visit culture venues, including York Art Gallery and The Yorkshire Sculpture Park. These invaluable experiences provide opportunities for our young artists to make first-hand observations, discuss and experience a wide range of art works.

Further Information

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