At Burton Green we are passionate about creativity, our Art and Design curriculum intends to support our pupils to learn, develop and practice skills in drawing, painting and mixed media, sculpture and 3D and Craft and design. We cover the aims of the National Curriculum whilst ensuring that our pupils are inspired and challenged. We provide opportunities for imagination through art production that is reflective of their own tastes.


An integral part of our Art Curriculum is the study of a range of artists and their work. We ensure that we use artistic sources for real learning, engaging deeply with works of art and the methods and techniques observed. Analysis and discussion around works of art support development of important critical thinking and verbal skills and connect to wider cross curricular contexts such as historical and geographical. Our Art and Design lessons involve learning of technical vocabulary as well as learning skills and techniques. Our Early years pupils have open access to a range of materials
with which to explore, make and create. From Key Stage One children use sketchbooks to explore ideas and techniques in an open-ended way, exploring mark-making using a range of tools, surfaces and media. In Key Stage Two pupils begin to combine media, use a broader range of stimulus and push boundaries whilst developing their skills of evaluation and analysis.

Our termly art days allow our pupils to use the formal skills learnt in lessons and apply them to pieces of work that support freedom, originality and innovation.


We believe that our Art and Design curriculum develops and supports self-expression and empathy, providing opportunities to engage with and develop understanding about the world in which we live developing self-discipline, self-confidence, and resilience.

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Check out our amazing Art and Design activities!

We’ve been completely immersed in all things owl this week! Retelling our story of the week ‘Owl Babies’ and exploring different techniques and textures to create our own owl art #BGArt #BGReading

We had a such a lovely time sharing crafts and songs with some of our grown ups today to celebrate #worldnurseryrhymeweek 🎶 sharing our classroom with our grown ups and showcasing the things we do best is so special 🦔 #BGMusic #BGArt #BGExtra

After 3 long weeks our salt dough diya lamps were finally dry enough to paint today! Those bright colours look so beautiful! #BGRE #BGArt 🦔

This morning we have created our own poppies to commemorate remembrance day. We are really developing our creativity and our amazing pictures demonstrated this. #BGEYFS #BGART

There has been so much wonderful creativity in our craft area as we’ve been exploring a range of materials to create our own interpretations of Van Gogh’s ‘The Starry Night’ #BGArt 🦔

We are creating something really exciting this week for @BGDT ⭐️
Today we started by exploring Van Gogh’s ‘The Starry Night’. Watch this space to see what we create! #BGArt 🦔

In art, we've been printing using LEGO! Some of us even manipulated the pieces to make our creations look like fireworks! #BGArt #BGExtra

Today in Art we investigated different ways of applying paint and mixed tints and shades. We also used our technical vocabulary to analyse different painting techniques comparing elements such as texture or colour. #BGArt

We really enjoyed looking at a selection of prehistoric art this afternoon and then creating our own animal outlines in this style #BGArt

In the last week of half term we were so busy! On art day we were inspired by the funny faces in Picasso’s artwork and drew our own self portraits #BGArt 🦔

Here are some of our finished pieces of art. We have loved creating this piece of art over the past couple of weeks and are really happy with the finished results! #BGArt 🦊🎨

After it had dried, we scratched on another portrait and put our pencil one on top. Here’s the results! #BGArt

We had a brilliant art day this week and produced some fabulous self portraits. We also looked at The Weeping Woman by Picasso and created our own versions using mixed media. First we drew a side profile in pencil. Then we made a scratch canvas with crayons and paint #BGArt

We then looked at some abstract art by Georgia o’Keefe and created some spectacular images of flowers using our view finders in the style of her work #BGArt

We had a great Art Day today. We began by sketching the shapes of some of the features of our face before creating our own self portraits #BGArt

We have had a lovely art day today! We focused on the artist Picasso and looked at how he created paintings using cubism. We created some of our own abstract art and also drew some amazing self-portraits! #BGArt 🦊🎨

In art we have been learning all about retrofuturism. This week we have focused on the artist Ties Albers and his space themed art work. We worked to create a printing board and printed our designs. We can’t wait to draw over them and see our finished creative pieces! #BGArt 🦊🎨

We've had a very successful art day! We did a great job of realistic self-portraits, chatted about Picasso, making links to Paris and Mona Lisa, then this afternoon had a go at doing some cartoon self-portraits in the style of @RobBiddulph #BGArt

Tiny Toadstools loved exploring colour and painting our pumpkin this morning. We then used the paint to create our very own pumpkins. #BGEYFS #BGArt

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