Our Aims:

At Burton Green, we strive to make mathematics a subject that each and ever child can enjoy and achieve in. We aim to show consistency in strategies and methods across school and make maths fun and enable all children to feel a sense of accomplishment!

Our Approach to Learning:

  • We follow ‘White Rose Maths’ throughout school to embed methods
  • All children from Y2 use TTRockstars on a regular basis. We are top of the leader-board in York with an average time of 2.42 seconds
  • All children start each day with a maths challenge– such as a ‘Fast Ten’ or a ‘Corbett Maths’ challenge
  • All children are exposed to practical lessons , use of apps such as ‘Learning By Questions’, regular problem solving challenges, as well as national competitions such as ‘Barvember’.
  • We believe in quality first teaching in mathematics, every day for every child.

Maths at Burton Green:

We endeavour to teach our children a rich and progressive curriculum, enabling them to become the best people they can be and to be able to contribute to society. We believe that mathematics teaches children how to understand the world around them; allowing them to encounter problems and be able to reason and solve problems. Mathematics is an international language and children need to learn basic skills to open doors for future opportunities. We believe these skills need to be learned and embedded, through practical, pictorial and abstract representations. We encourage all children to take the 4C’s of 21st Century learning in their maths; being creative, communicators, collaborative and critical thinkers. We are committed to developing children’s curiosity about the subject, as well as an appreciation of the beauty and power of mathematics.

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