Our Aims:

Our aim is to offer a range of engaging, creative and exciting PE lessons which give the children the opportunity to learn and try new things, gain physical skills and also develop their skills of sportsmanship for future life.

We encourage participation in a wide range of our extra-curricular activities and also through the local competitions we take part in.

Our Sports Teacher:

We have a full time Sports teacher who teaches P.E. to all of our classes, from our two year olds to Year 6.

Mr Holmes also takes the children on Sports Visits and to competitive events. There are free after school sports clubs everyday.

Sport at Burton Green:

Sport is a priority at Burton Green school which is why we invest in a full time Sports teacher. Our children love P.E. and cite this area of the curriculum as one of their favourites.

We teach a wide range of sports at Burton Green including: football, golf, tennis, multi-skills, hockey, athletics, dance and gymnastics. In the Spring and Summer term each child will take part in a daily run. Children in Year 3 and 4 also have the opportunity to swim every week. We ensure that children have access to equipment at every playtime in order to practice their sporting skills.

We enter a range of competitive events and also maximise links with other schools. We have both a boys and a girls football team. Our school also takes part in dodge-ball competitions with other schools, Cross Country and take a large group of children to the Brownlee triathlon at York’s Sport Village.

Sport is celebrated in Assembly every Friday and we have Year 6 Sports Leaders.

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To find out more about the Primary National Curriculum for Physical Education and Sport, please click here

Check out our amazing Sporting activities!

We had our last session of dance club this week, we’ve had so much fun learning how to choreograph and work as a team! Well done guys 🤩 @BG_Owls @BG_Foxes #BGExtra #BGSport

Although some of us were initially apprehensive about starting dance, we've been having the best time! #BGSport #BGExtra

These girls from @BG_Owls and @BG_Badgers were amazing tonight representing our school in football matches against two other schools ⚽️ they showed great teamwork and skill 🤩 thank you to the parents for amazing support 👏 #BGSport

Tiny Toadstools had such a fun start to this week. We loved taking part in fitness fun day, the inflatables were definitely our favourite. We also showed great independence when climbing and balancing. Thank you @MrHolmesBG #BGEYFS #BGSport

Hedgehogs had the best day ever! Thank you very much for organising #FitnessFunday @MrHolmesBG #BGSport #BGExtra 🦔

There was so much joy on everyone’s faces on the inflatables! This was the most amazing day @MrHolmesBG #BGSport #BGExtra 🦔

The inflatables were so fun!! We LOVED the obstacle course! We did get very soggy though thanks to @MrHolmesBG! #BGSport #BGExtra 🦔

Best #FitnessFunday ever! We started off with dodgeball and chicken run and had so much fun! #BGSport #BGExtra 🦔

Thank you @MrHolmesBG for organising a brilliant Fitness Fun Day. We loved all the activities but dodgeball is our favourite. @BG_Hares #BGSport #BGExtra

Finally, we finished our day with chicken run! The sun even came out for us, it was glorious. Sleep well tonight Badgers 😴 #BGSport #BGPE

This afternoon, we went onto the climbing frames and swung about like monkeys 🐒 #BGSport #BGPE

Then we went on the inflatables - a bouncy castle and an obstacle course. We are so lucky! @MrHolmesBG had the most fun chucking water at us 🤣 #BGSport #BGPE

Another amazing fitness fun day - thank you so much @MrHolmesBG for organising! We started off our day with a @thebodycoach warm up to get ourselves moving, followed by some excellent dodgeball! #BGSport #BGPE

We have absolutely loved Dance! We were only meant to have it for 5 lessons but loved it so much we got to do a few extra weeks! Here is our final performance, enjoy! 💃🏼🎉🦉 #BGSport

A mini Olympics this afternoon with this lovely bunch from @BG_Foxes #BGsport

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