Eco Schools

Eco Schools

Our Aims

As an Eco School, we have 2 key aims:

 – Educate the children about the impact of our actions on the environment so that they can make positive decisions now and in the future

 – Empower them to know that they can make a difference and become change makers for an environmentally sustainable world through influencing the actions of others as well as what they do themselves

We are a registered member of Eco Schools which is a global network of thousands of like-minded schools. Last year, we achieved the Bronze Award as recognition of our actions as a school.

Our Eco Committee

Our activities are shaped by our Eco Schools Committee. This is a group of children drawn from each year group at Burton Green who come together to discuss eco issues and how our school can play a part. 

We decided that our focus topics for this year are:

 – Waste
 – Energy
 – Water

Find out more by taking a look at our Action Plan and the minutes of our last meeting.

Some activities that we have organised include:

 – Taking part in Switch Off Fortnight to raise awareness about wasting energy
 – A class competition to make something using recycled materials 
 – Implementing changes within our school to reduce food waste and encourage composting.